The Tea Dragon Festival


Author: Katie O'Neill

Illustrator: Katie O'Neill

Revisit the enchanting world of Tea Dragons with an all-new companion story to the two-time Eisner Award-winning graphic novel, The Tea Dragon Society!

Every year in the sleepy mountain village of Silverleaf, a town-wide festival celebrates the Tea Dragons who live in harmony with the villagers. Everyone in town cares for the diminutive dragons, and in turn the tea they provide is happily shared by all.

Rinn, one of the children of Silverleaf, is completely used to tiny Tea Dragons - but when Rinn finds a full-grown real dragon out in the woods, that's a different matter altogether! The dragon wakes, and sheepishly explains to Rinn that he was was appointed to protect the village over 80 years ago, but accidentally fell asleep in the forest. The dragon, whose name is Aedhan, feels awful about letting the village down, and can't understand how he fell asleep - unless magic was involved.

Together, with the aid of Rinn’s adventuring uncle Erik and his partner Hesekiel, they investigate the mystery of Aedhan's enchanted sleep, hunting for the mystical creature that Erik thinks could have caused it. And as preparations for the Tea Dragon Festival continue, Aedhan helps Rinn discover their role in the community, while in return Rinn helps Aedhan come to terms with the time he's lost, and to begin making the most of the time he has now. 

Critically-acclaimed graphic novelist Katie O'Neill delivers another charming, gentle fantasy story about finding your purpose, and the community that helps you along the way.