Camp Hillside


Author: Steph Katzovi


Illustrator: Brian Call

*Signed Copies, While Supplies Last!*

Laura "Noodle" Newman is finally back and more excited than ever to return for her second session at the one and only Camp Hillside.

Joined by some old friends and some new ones, Noodle is ready for this to be the best summer ever. But when her bestfriend Aries only wants to work on the camp play rather than help Noodle with her radio show like they talked about, things start to turn a little sour and Noodle doesn't quite know how to deal with it. From an enigmatic and theatrical camp counselor to mishaps at the Rock-and-Bowl, there's one thing Camp Hillside never is-boring. Join Noodle and her friends as they navigate both the pitfalls and perks of growing up and learn that perhaps sometimes all you need when you're a little lost is a good friend to lean on.