Lenny & Lucy


Author: Philip Stead

Illustrator: Erin Stead

From the creators of the Caldecott winner A Sick Day for Amos McGee comes a moving story about a boy, his dog, and the importance of moving forward.

Peter and his father are moving to a new house beyond the dark unfriendly woods. When they arrive at their new home, Peter wants to turn back. The house is old and the woods are scary, even with his dog Harold for company.

Scared of the things hidden in the woods, Peter makes a tall pile of pillows. He stiches and sews. He pushes and pulls. And when he is done, he has Lenny, Guardian of the Bridge, to protect him and Harold. Lenny is a good guard but Peter worries that Lenny will get lonely out by the woods all by himself, so he makes Lucy, who is a good friend to Lenny. 

But maybe, what Peter needs most is a friend of his own. And when Millie and her mom come from the house next door to meet Peter and his dad, it seems like Peter may have just found exactly what he needs to keep the darkness far, far away.