Sylvester's Letter


Author: Matthew Burgess


Illustrator: Josh Cochran


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From the superb, creative duo behind Drawing on Walls, A Story of Keith Haring comes this heartfelt story about the loss of a beloved grandparent that yet centers enthusiasm, adventure, and an ebullient creativity rarely seen in books about loss. 

Some letters can’t be delivered in the usual way… but Sylvester has a plan: if it's couriered by some energetic parachutists, a train speeding through the jungle, and a river packed with piranhas and pink dolphins, his letter is sure to reach its final destination.

What makes this letter so important?  Well, Sylvester wrote it for his beloved G.G. (Greatest Grandma), whom he's missing, and it's filled with happy memories and loads of love. G.G. may be gone, but she’s still Sylvester’s favorite person—the most pickle-loving and fun person he knows! This is a gorgeously illustrated picture book (evincing special, bold colors) about how love, humor, and imagination connect us to each other across life and death, and serve to keep alive the spirit of those who are no longer with us.