Toto of Oz and the Surprise Party


Author: Roger S. Baum


Illustrator: Victoria Seitzinger

Toto of Oz and the Surprise Party by Roger S. Baum illustrated by Victoria Seitzinger. "Toto is on his very own adventure. The story needs to be told with pictures, because Toto, as you know, does not talk, except on rare occasions. I hope you enjoy this adventure." So starts the story of what happens when Toto disobeys Dorothy's commands and decides to travel to Glinda's palace all on his ownthereby leaving the safety of the Emerald City. With a bag of chocolate chip cookies hanging out of his mouth, he sets off with the intention of meeting Dorothy at Glinda's gathering. However, he must cross many hills and streams, and go through many forests and rainstorms to get there. It's a rough and dangerous journey, but Toto is a resourceful dog! Readers will love the conclusion as Toto reunites with all of the most beloved characters of Oz, including the Wizard, the Lion, Wogglebug, The Tin-Man, Jack Pumpkinhead, and many, many more, all on hand for a charming surprise party.