Emma and the Love Spell


Author: Meredith Ireland

In this contemporary middle grade fantasy, a girl tries to use her fickle magic to keep her best friend from moving away.

Twelve-year-old, Korean-American adoptee Emma Davidson has a problem. Two problems. Okay, three:

1. She has a crush on her best friend, Evangeline, that she hasn’t been able to share
2. Evangeline has to move away because her parents are getting a divorce
3. Oh, and Emma is a secret witch who can’t really control her powers

It’s a complicated summer between sixth and seventh grade. Emma’s parents made her promise that she’d keep her powers a secret and never, ever use them. But if Evangeline’s parents fall back in love, then she won’t have to move. And how hard could one little love spell be?

Witchlings meets The Parent Trap in this fast-paced, heartfelt story about learning to embrace who you are, even when your true self is different from everyone around you.