The Firebird Song


Author: Arnée Flores


*Signed Bookplates*

Adventurous and heartwarming, and now in paperback, this beautifully written middle grade fantasy debut is perfect for fans of Tahereh Mafi’s Furthermore.

The Kingdom of Lyrica was once kept safe by The Firebird, whose feather and song meant peace and prosperity. But when an evil Spectress killed the royal family and the Firebird vanished, the Kingdom fell to ruin. Everyone lived in fear of the Spectress and her volcanic monsters.

Almost twelve-year-old Prewitt has only known life without the Firebird. But she’s heard whispers that the royal princess survived the night of the attack. . . if he can find her, together they can find the Firebird and save Lyrica.

Calliope has lived on a barge in an underground river for as long as she can remember. When Prewitt finds Calliope, they realize that she is the missing princess—Lyrica’s only hope. Together they set off on a dangerous quest to find the Firebird, and discover the true power of hope over despair.