Spin Me Right Round


Author: David Valdes

A sharp and funny YA novel that's David Levithan meets Back to the Future as an out-and-proud Cuban teen travels back to his parents' era to save a closeted student from a tragic end.

All Luis wants is to go to prom with his boyfriend, something his “progressive” school still doesn’t allow. Even in 2021. Not after what happened with Chaz Wilson. But that was ages ago, when Luis’ parents were in high school; it would never happen today.
When a hit on the head knocks him back in time to 1985 and he meets the doomed young Chaz himself, Luis comes up with a new plan–he’s going to give this guy his first real kiss. But it turns out a conservative school in the 80s isn’t the safest place to be a gay kid. Luis is in over his head, trying not to make things worse . . . and hoping he makes it back to present day at all.