Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms


Author: Jamar J. Perry

Inspired by West African and Igbo mythology, this adventurous middle-grade fantasy debut is perfect for fans of Tristan Strong.

Cameron Battle grew up reading about Chidani—a fabled West African country that cut itself off from the world to protect the Igbo people from the dangerous slave trade centuries ago. After Cameron’s mother and father disappear, The Book of Chidani is the only thing he has left of them.
One night, Cameron's best friends insist on seeing the Book, and they unexpectedly open the barrier between their world and Chidani. The trio is transported to this unknown place, where Cameron learns that as his mother’s heir, he is the Descendant, the only one with the power over the barrier between Chidani and the human world.

But Chidani is in danger, and it’s up to Cameron to save it . . .