Can't Take That Away


Author: Steven Salvatore

All Carey Parker wants is to be a star. But the world sees Carey as a guy, not a Mariah, Beyoncé, or Gaga. Despite the support they have from friends and family, it’s hard for Carey to find their voice when no one else seems to hear them.
Enter Cris, who understands Carey in ways nobody has before. With Cris’s support, Carey finds the confidence to rise above the pain of past trauma to audition for the school musical… and lands the female lead. But when a homophobic teacher gets wind of the “non-traditional” casting, Carey is ousted from the show.
Except Carey won't be silenced. They will defend their right to the role and fight the injustices of the school administration… and they’ll stop at nothing to rally their school to do it in this powerful and uplifting novel from a talented new YA author.