The Spirit Queen


Author: Arnée Flores


*Signed Bookplates*

Acclaimed author of The Firebird Song Arnée Flores continues the heart-warming fantasy series, perfect for fans of Shannon Hale.

The hope spread by the Firebird Song was supposed to change everything. Although nature has returned to balance, the Kingdom of Lyrica is still too traumatized by years of suffering to return to normal life. Worse yet, Princess Calliope has begun to hear sounds—horrible shrieks and cries from across the sea that keep her awake at night.

When Calliope’s friend Ilsbeth is kidnapped, Calliope and the Bargeboy, Prewitt, are sent on a secret quest to save her—a quest that traps Calliope on the Nymph Isles, a place of great darkness and ancient Spirit Magic. Calliope’s confidence as the new Queen of Lyrica was already faltering, but now, with her people once again in danger, can she learn to wield ancient magic and most of all, find the strength she needs to be the leader her people need?

The next installment of this sweeping, magical series will capture readers’ hearts and minds, and remind them that hope will always conquer darkness.