The Fallen Hero

The Dragon Warrior

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Author: Katie Zhao


Reeling from her defeat at the hands of a conniving goddess, Faryn Liu returns to Manhattan’s Chinatown. With war brewing, she and her half-dragon friend, Ren, launch into training. She has to figure out a way to defeat the Heaven Breaker, a powerful adversary who wields the unbeatable Fenghuang spear, before it’s too late. When Faryn learns of a weapon that can stand up to the Fenghuang’s might, she embarks on a dangerous journey that will take her into Diyu, the Underworld, to find the infamous Monkey King. Convincing him to help in the battle might be the only way to stop a war and save the brother she loves. Your young readers will be on the edge of their seats as Chinese mythology comes to life in Faryn’s second daring adventure. Ages 8-12. 336pp.