Gus and Sully Watch the Weather


Gus and Sully Watch the Weather will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is May 7, 2024

Author: Steve Light

Illustrator: Steve Light

Estimated Ship Date: May 7, 2024

What’s the weather like today? Let’s see! Award-winning author-illustrator Steve Light, a preschool teacher himself, draws on a morning routine beloved by many young children.

When Gus the rhino and Sully the mouse check out the weather each morning, they see and feel the same thing, but they experience it a different way. Bright sun is too hot for Gus and perfect for beach-loving Sully. Clouds inspire Gus’s imagination (“I see a bunny!”) but they just look like clouds to Sully. The wind is perfect for kite-flying for one, but threatens to blow someone small away. Whether rain or snow or sleet, Gus and Sully are on the spot, reporting back in their unique way. Wielding ink and watercolor, Steve Light ventures into an appealing new art style with a simple, funny board book ideal for children just beginning to explore the wide world around them.