One Long Line: Marching Caterpillars and the Scientists Who Followed Them

Discovery Chronicles


Author: Loree Griffin Burns


Illustrator: Jamie Green

*Signed Bookplates!*

A fresh and fascinating look at caterpillars gives new meaning to the words “line leader”— and ushers kids into the process of scientific discovery — in this first book in the Discovery Chronicles by a biologist and award-winning children’s author.

This is a story about remarkable creatures, inquisitive people, and fascinating conversations. The creatures? Pine processionary caterpillars with mysterious group habits. The people? Jean Henri Fabre and, many years later, Terrence Fitzgerald —scientists with big questions about the behavior of these caterpillars. And the conversations? The conversations span lifetimes, as one researcher continues a dialogue started by the other. In this playful, candid, and accessible book for young readers, biologist Loree Griffin Burns captures the unique leader-follower behavior of pine processionary caterpillars through a glimpse into the “ask, test, repeat” nature of the scientific process—and shows how that process creates one long line of questioning and learning. Back matter includes more details about the two scientists as well as a glossary, bibliography, source notes, and suggestions for further reading.