Take a Chance


Author: Sujean Rim

Bob, the anxious little red bird, learns you can’t know if you like something until you try it in this funny and gently reassuring picture book companion to Take a Breath.

No longer afraid of flying, Bob loves visiting friends…until Crow invites him to sit and perch for a while. Perch? Bob isn’t sure if he’d like perching. So he makes up an excuse and off he flies. But no matter where he goes, Bob meets someone who invites him to try something new (swimming! bagels! tater tots!), and poor, uncertain Bob keeps flying away until he’s flown himself ragged!

When Bob stops to catch his breath, he encounters the biggest, most powerful bird he’s ever seen who tells Bob of the amazing experiences he’s had—after overcoming his own fears! It just might be the push Bob needs to take a chance of his own…