Boo! Hiss!


Author: Cyndi Marko


*Signed Bookplates!*

A ghoulish ghost and a slithery snake want their own home sweet home — no humans allowed! — in this delightfully spooky graphic novel chapter book.

Ghost and Snake live in an old, old house. All by their lonesome, with no one to bother them. They go about their days hooting and hissing, until a family—a human one!—moves in and disturbs their peace and quiet. A crying baby? A barking dog? A wailing saxophone? How will they ever stop all this noise and reclaim their home?

Their plan involves lots of scaring and slithering, and they’re sure once the family sees them, out they’ll move! But could it be that having a noisy, barking, laughing family around isn’t all that bad?