Remember Me Trilogy : Remember Me; The Return; The Last Story

Remember Me

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Author: Christopher Pike

Shari Cooper’s death is the only beginning of her adventures through the afterlife and beyond in this thrilling trilogy by bestselling author Christopher Pike.

After a night spent out with friends, Shari Cooper wakes up in her bed not sure how she got home. Then she realizes she’s a ghost. And though the cops rule her death a suicide, Shari knows someone at the party must have killed her.

To investigate, Shari spies on her friends and even enters their dreams. There, she comes face to face with a nightmare from beyond the grave…the Shadow. The Shadow is even more horrible than death itself, but Shari must face it to uncover the truth about her death and prevent her murderer from killing again.

And the Shadow is only the beginning. Shari’s journey takes her to the afterlife then back to Earth, where she draws the attention of even more deadly foes.