Last Story : The Last Story

Remember Me


Author: Christopher Pike

When Shari crafts stories from what she’s learned in the afterlife and beyond, she draws the attention of mystical creatures determined to silence her before she can reveal their secrets.

Shari Cooper has died, felt eternal peace in the afterlife, and returned to Earth as a Wanderer—a soul given permission to take the place of another soul in a human body. After regaining her memory of all the incredible things she’s seen and experienced, Shari realizes what she’s meant to do with the opportunity she’s been given: write stories to help young people understand the immortal life that awaits them.

Shari discovers talent she didn’t know she had, and her words are so inspired that soon Shari and her stories are world-renowned. One night, a story of incomparable beauty and mystery comes to her. Feverishly, Shari records the ancient tale about the origin of mankind and the purpose of human life.

What Shari doesn’t know is that her new book is true—a mystical blueprint that warns of a great danger to mankind. There is a group of ancient creatures that despises all humans, especially Wanderers. They will go to any length to stop Shari from telling her story.