Game Day Collector's Set : First Pitch; Jump Shot; Breakaway; Slap Shot; Match Point; Dive In

Game Day

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Author: David Sabino

Illustrator: Various

Learn all about six incredible sports in this fascinating collection of nonfiction Level 2 Ready-to-Reads that gives fans an insider look at their favorite sports!

What is the difference between overtime and sudden death?
When does the ice get resurfaced during a hockey game?
How high are basketball hoops?
Why do they use so many balls in a baseball game?

This Game Day series boxed set is perfect for young, sports-obsessed fans who, in addition to watching and playing sports, crave the kind of expert knowledge that only an insider would know. A special section in the back of each book is chock-full of even more facts about the sport and its storied history and players.

Get up close and personal with baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, tennis, and Olympic swimming/diving in:
First Pitch
Jump Shot
Slap Shot
Match Point
Dive In