Mitchells' Family Road Trip!: (Or That Time They Saved the World)


Author: Patty Michaels

Illustrator: Tiffany Lam

Join the Mitchell family as they embark on an adventure of a lifetime in this 8x8 storybook retelling of Sony Pictures Animation's hilarious motion picture Connected that includes a cardstock photo frame for readers’ own family photos!

While on a family road trip, the Mitchell family comes to a screeching halt when electronic devices that people love—from phones to refrigerators to an appealing new line of personal robots—decide it’s time to take over the world. Can the Mitchells stop them?

In this scrapbook-style storybook, the Mitchell’s teenager daughter, Katie, chronicles her family’s misadventures with photos, hand-drawn notes, and more! Fans of the film will love revisiting the story from Katie’s perspective and joining the adventures by putting their own family photo in the included cardstock photo frame!