Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert, Is a Detective Genius

Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert


Author: Morag Hood

Illustrator: Ella Okstad

The ever-oblivious Sophie Johnson returns to solve a terrible crime using her keen skills of observation…or so she thinks!

Meet Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert and Detective Genius, ready to solve any and all crimes. Sophie Johnson studied hard to become a detective, and it’s a good thing she did as there has been an awful crime! Someone has stolen Lion’s tail. Unfortunately, Sophie doesn’t have time to train her new (and not very good) assistant puppy, Bella. But while Sophie’s busy rounding up and interrogating suspects, is it possible she misses that Bella may be a better crimefighter than she thinks?

This wonderfully humorous follow-up to Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert is another engaging tale about the confident young girl who is totally oblivious to what is happening around her.