Author: Jean Reidy

Illustrator: Lucy Ruth Cummins

One small spider takes a big risk to bring together the people she watches over in her apartment building in this charming new picture book from the celebrated author and illustrator of Truman.

Sylvie takes place in the same apartment building as the author and illustrator's previous book, Truman, and features a lovely cameo from Sara and our brave tortoise friend. While the connection will be fun for Truman fans, this is not a sequel and reads perfectly as a standalone.

Sylvie is quiet, shy, and usually stays well-hidden, watching over people from a distance, because her small size puts her at risk. But when she has an idea to bring people together that requires she do just that, she doesn't let her fears or her size stop her. These emotions are ones that many kids will relate to and the lesson that her willingness to put herself out there leads to some grateful new friends serves as a great example of how they can overcome them.