Author: Mark Teague

Illustrator: Mark Teague

Though his mama thinks it’s time for her baby bird to learn to fly, they’re not so sure. Finally coaxed to try, the baby bird falls to the ground on their first attempt. Despite the mother’s coaxing, the baby bird doesn’t want to try again, but its mother isn’t helping it up until it can fly on its own.

The baby bird has plenty of alternate flight suggestions: What about a hot air balloon? Or a hang glider? The baby bird could take a train or pogo stick when the seasons change and it needs to migrate. What’s so important about flying? Just what will it take to get this stubborn baby bird to flap its wings and start to fly on its own? Your young fledglings will laugh out loud as the baby bird comes up with ever more absurd methods of flight in this hilarious story told without words, even as they cheer when at long last the baby bird takes wing.