The Battle

The Gauntlet

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Author: Karuna Riazi

Four years after his older sister Farah defeated the evil Architect, 12-year-old Ahmad Mirza is struggling to fit in at his new middle school. Paired with his classmate Winnie on a project, he hopes to impress her and make his very first friend. But while they’re working, a gift from Farah arrives — a brand-new high-tech VR game. Ahmad can’t resist and fires it up to play with Winnie, only to have time freeze all across New York City.

Ahmad realizes that the game was really a trap. The Architect has returned to get his revenge. With the world frozen all around them, he and Winnie must navigate through the tricks and traps of this new virtual world and defeat the Architect at his own game. Your young readers will relish this dive back into the world of Paheli as Ahmad takes up the mantle from his older sister and faces off in a virtual game with all of reality at stake.