Spencer's New Pet


Author: Jessie Sima

Illustrator: Jessie Sima

This is the story of a boy named Spencer and his new pet. Spencer’s pet is rather special — he’s a balloon animal dog! Spencer loves his pet — he plays with him, feeds him, reads him stories, bathes him, and sleeps with him at his side. But when Spencer takes him to the vet or out to the park, he discovers everywhere they go that there are sharp dangers that a balloon dog needs to avoid! From porcupine quills to a bulldog’s teeth to forks, bees, cacti, and unicorn horns — Spencer needs to shield his pet from them all.

And just when it looks like his pet is going to be popped, the story takes a surprise turn that will leave you and your children in utter astonishment and delight! A wordless picture book that captures the magic of old-time silent films through its delightful monochromatic illustrations. Your young pet lovers will adore this fun tale of a boy and his dog even as they realize that the world is filled with more surprises than one could ever guess!