King of Ragtime: The Story of Scott Joplin


Author: Stephen Costanza


Illustrator: Stephen Costanza

*Signed Bookplates*

A celebration of the life of beloved African American composer Scott Joplin, whose ragtime compositions paved the way for jazz. 

There was something special about Scott Joplin…
This quiet kid could make a piano laugh out loud.

Scott, the son of a man who had been enslaved,
became a king—the King of Ragtime.

The art in this book is absolutely breathtaking. The vivid, kaleidoscope-like illustrations trace the arc of Scott Joplin's life with the gentle beauty and warm grace of an heirloom quilt. Your young readers will get to see the world as Scott Joplin saw it — full of overlapping squares of beauty and joy, which he would write into his music to thrill the world and make it dance.