Storytime with Franklin: A Collection of Six Favorites


Author: Brenda Clark

Illustrator: Paulette Bourgeois

A special collection of six perennial classics, starring every child’s favorite turtle, Franklin.

Franklin the Turtle is beloved around the world for the way he faces dilemmas familiar to all children and, with the help and support of his friends and family, finds his own way to deal with them. Franklin’s ability to express his feelings, try new things and show his vulnerability make him a trusted friend to young children. This special edition will feature six Franklin Classic Storybooks:

Franklin in the Dark

Franklin Goes to School

Franklin’s New Friend

Franklin Rides a Bike

Franklin Goes to the Hospital

Franklin Says I Love You

It’s the best of Franklin - all in one place!

Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark are the author-illustrator team who created the Franklin the Turtle series. This volume features six favorite titles from that series, all timeless classics, with touching storylines and richly colored art that’s chock-full of the small details that make up a young child’s day-to-day life. Franklin has universal appeal - adored by children for his relatability and kindness, and by adults for the gentle, reassuring guidance he provides. More than 65 million copies of Franklin books have been sold in over 30 languages.