Fry Guys: Batter of the Bands


Fry Guys: Batter of the Bands will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is October 15, 2024

Author: Eric Geron

Illustrator: Jannie Ho

Estimated Ship Date: October 15, 2024

Waffle, Curly, and Sweets want to be a real spud-rock band! But in order to get the greases going, they need a music studio where they can rehearse. So when they see there's an upcoming Batter of the Bands event happening at the House of Bleus, and the first-place prize is 10,000 Sprouts, they're all in. Unless, of course, a monstrous stack of pancakes has something to say about that . . . readers will love this full-color graphic novel full of fun, action, adventure, and laugh-out-loud funny puns.

The Fry Guys are ready to rock in Spudtown’s very first Batter of the Bands!
Curly, Sweets, and Waffle want to win a music contest. There’s 10,000 sprouts on the line. But with stage fry-t, trickery, and a talented line-up, can the Fry Guys prevail?
Fry Guys: Batter of the Bands is all about some good, healthy, greasy competition. With hilarious text by #1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Geron and adorable art by Jannie Ho, it’s perfect for young graphic novel readers, English language learners, and potato enthusiasts of all kinds! The font used in the graphic novel is also Dyslexia-friendly. Will you have fries with that?