We're Not from Here

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Author: Geoff Rodkey

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Earth is uninhabitable and the last of humanity needs a new home. Fortunately, the Planet Choom has sent a message offering them refuge. So Lan’s family and many others set off on the 20 year journey in suspended animation, only to awaken and discover that the current leaders of Choom do not want humans to immigrate there. Reluctantly, the government agrees to allow one human family to settle on Choom as a test.

Now it’s up to Lan’s family to convince Choom to accept humans, despite how fundamentally different humans are from the three species who live there. But Lan’s got to try and figure something out because the fate of the entire human race depends on it. No pressure. Your young readers will be amused by Lan’s misadventures even as they realize how difficult it is to be the outsider trying to fit in in a world that doesn’t welcome you.