Author: Chris Grabenstein & J.J. Grabenstein


12- year-old Piper never really stood out, but she’s okay with that. Some people just aren’t meant to shine. But, when she moves to a new school in the middle of the year, something changes inside her. Chumley Prep is the same school where her mom was a cello prodigy — her mom who passed away when Piper was three. Determined to leave her mark, Piper sets out to win an all-around excellence competition at her new school. If she can do that, then she’ll get her name on a plaque right next to her mother’s in the display case.

The only problem is, if Piper’s not the best at any one thing, how can she be the best overall? It will take everything Piper’s got — along with the help of her new friends — to beat all the competition. Your young readers will delight in Piper’s humorous and charming quest to find her shine, even as they discover with her that kindness is more valuable than being the best.



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