Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book

A Journey Through the Pages Book

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Author: Mike Vago

Illustrator: Matt Rockefeller

A stunning picture book in an intriguing, interactive format, with a physical toy rocket that young readers zoom across the sky on every page.

Take a journey through the pages on your own rocket ship!

In Rocket, the story of a spacecraft moving through the far reaches of space, the reader gets to pilot a three-dimensional plastic rocket that never leaves the book, moving on an internal track from front to back, up and over the pages.

You’ll soar, sail, swoop, and explore, visiting some of the most intriguing sights in our solar system, then the Milky Way, and into far-off galaxies. With lively rhyming language and a feast of stars, planets, comets, moons, and other celestial bodies, it’s an interactive journey of imagination and science.