It's All About Me-Ow: A Young Cat's Guide to the Good Life


Author: Hudson Talbott


*Signed Bookplates*

It’s All About ME-OW: A Young Cat’s Guide to the Good Life is a vibrant picture books that will delight your youngsters. The format is a cats' how-to manual for commandeering a household without the humans ever catching on!

Buddy, an adult ginger tabby-in-residence, teaches the tricks of the trade to three incoming kittens, sharing how to get everything they want without ever working for it. It’s all in the Catitude. Perfecting skills such as Purr Therapy, Let Me Out Let Me In, and Mastering Hypnotism for Fun and Getting Fed are essential to keeping your humans happy, or at least unaware that you’ve lovingly reversed the roles of master and pet. Buddy saves the most important lesson for last: “Keep your outside mild, but your inside wild.” In other words, never forget that underneath your cuddly ball-of-fur image beats the heart of the unconquerable beast who emerged from the jungle to rescue humans from mice. That message is illustrated with Buddy’s group photo of all the relatives, from tiger to tabby, attending the Cat Family Reunion.