Sabrina Hahn's Art & Concepts for Kids 4-Book Box Set

Sabrina Hahn's Art & Concepts for Kids


Author: Sabrina Hahn

Illustrator: Sabrina Hahn

A Fun and Engaging Box Set of Four Beautiful Children’s Picture Books from Sabrina Hahn

Spark your child’s creativity and curiosity with these delightfully curated books featuring some of the world’s most iconic paintings.

In ABCs of Art, your child will discover artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, and many others as they learn the alphabet, from A to Z. Help them locate the earring in Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring, teach them different colors while examining Monet's Water Lilies, and count the pieces of fruit in Cezanne's The Basket of Apples.

In 123s of Art, your child will engage with artwork by Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Maria Sibylla Merian, and many others as they learn to count from 1 to 20. Help them count the flower petals in Gauguin’s Still Life with Teapot and Fruit, teach them different colors while examining Redon's Butterflies, and discuss the shapes used in Sarah Ann Wilson’s Album Quilt.

In Animals in Art, your child will identify the animals featured in paintings such as Odilon Redon's Butterflies, Henriette Ronner-Knip's The Cat at Play, and Franz Marc's Blue Horse I.. They will learn about animal noises, habitats, and behaviors via the poetry and interactive questions included.

In Bedtime with Art, your child's creativity will be nurtured as they get ready for bed with paints such as Claude Monet's Stacks of Wheat, George Stubbs's Sleeping Leopard, and Henri Rousseau's The Sleeping Gypsy. With a calming rhyming scheme and peaceful colors, this book will inspire your budding art lovers' imagination and dreams as they get ready to drift to sleep.

With a fun rhyming scheme and large, colorful text, Sabrina Hahn's collection will inspire your budding art lovers as they learn about the alphabet, numbers, animals, seasons, and new words through interactive questions and playful poems.