Nanny Paws


Author: Wendy Wahman

Illustrator: Wendy Wahman

Ally and Mae, elementary-age twins, never have to worry about who will wash their faces, clear the table, or walk them to school. Nanny Paws has it all under control. But while the narrator tells the perspective of this energetic pink poodle, the illustrations deliver quite another story. When Nanny Paws does “a little gardening,” she's really digging a hole in the backyard to bury the twins’ stuffed animals. When Nanny Paws says she's getting the kids their breakfast, she's really spilling cookies all over the kitchen floor. And Nanny Paws certainly shares the twins' taste in art - enough to eat their artwork right off the floor!

But Ally and Mae wouldn't trade their rambunctious Nanny Paws for anything in the world, and when the twins have to stay home sick they may just find themselves relying on their devoted doggy caretaker more than ever before