The Empirium Trilogy

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Author: Claire Legrand


To save her best friend, Rielle risks using her powers, revealing that she is one of two prophesied queens: one of light, one of blood. Now Rielle must endure seven deadly elemental magic trials – or die. 1,000 years later, Queen Rielle is a legend. Eliana is a bounty hunter for the Undying Empire, forced to capture rebels in order to survive herself. But she too has a secret. And when her mother vanishes, she sets out on a journey to save her, no matter the consequences. Though separated by millennia, Rielle and Eliana’s stories intersect, and the shocking connections between them will ultimately determine the fate of their world. Your teens will be spellbound by this powerful tale of two strong young women fighting for their future. Ages 14 and up. 491pp.