Tiny Dancer


Author: Siena Cherson Siegel

Illustrator: Mark Siegel

After a lifetime of dancing, Siena makes the difficult decision to quit being a ballerina and tries to figure out her next steps in life.

Siena's story began with To Dance, the ground-breaking and celebrated graphic memoir we published in 2006. This memoir chronicles Siena's teenage years as a dancer in training, and as she decides to quit dancing. From the perspective of an older but not yet wiser girl, Tiny Dancer takes a new look at some of the events in To Dance and speaks to an older, teen reader with a much longer page count and a more sophisticated, spare art style.

This brave and emotionally honest story will appeal to readers interested in learning about someone finding herself, not once, but twice, as Siena seeks to understand her identity as a non-dancer. Many stories and memoirs show characters struggling to reach their dreams, but not many tell what happens after. This graphic memoir shows what it's like for someone who's almost achieved her dream, and then sees that it could all fall apart--and realizes that it might be time to move on with her life.