Stop That Yawn!


Author: Caron Levis

Illustrator: LeUyen Pham

Gabby Wild is done with bedtime. She wants to stay up all night long. So hopping on her flying bed, with Grandma along for the ride, she soars to Never Sleeping City. Here they’ll be rocking around the clock instead of counting sheep. No lullabies or goodnights. It’ll be fun all night long, with absolutely NO sleeping. But no matter how hard Gabby tries, that pesky yawn keeps catching up to her. And once it slips out of her mouth – there’s no stopping it from spreading. Soon, everyone in the city is fast asleep on their own trip to dreamland.

Your young readers will love this riotous tale while they fight off yawns of their own before heading off to sweet dreams. Ages 3-6. 40pp.