The Rainbow Parade: A Celebration of LGBTQIA+ Identities and Allies


Author: Shane Jordan, Rick Hendrix

Illustrator: Jieting Chen

Join the celebration at the Rainbow Parade and witness a heartwarming story of acceptance and friendship in this joyful picture book by LGBTQIA+ advocates Shane Jordan and Rick Hendrix!

Set at a stormy pride parade, the story follows a child who is free to express their gender identity, celebrating with their father. But when they meet a non-binary child who doesn't feel comfortable in their own skin, they lend a helping hand and show them that they are seen, accepted, and loved.

Gentle storytelling and stunning illustrations celebrate the magical experience of finding one's community. Featuring expert back matter, The Rainbow Parade is a must-have addition to any bookshelf and for children of all identities that encourages children and gatekeepers to break down stereotypes and embrace diversity. This book offers a timely and important lesson on the power of love, friendship, and acceptance.