If You Come to Earth


Author: Sophie Blackall

Illustrator: Sophie Blackall

*Signed Copies!*

“Dear Visitor from Outer Space, if you come to Earth, here’s what you need to know.” In this guide to the planet we call home, our young narrator explains that we live in all kinds of places, all kinds of homes, and in all kinds of families. Though each of us is different, all of us are amazing – and together we share a truly beautiful planet. There are birds that fly, fish that swim, whales that sing, people who talk with their hands, and others who read with their fingers. There’s much we know and much we don’t. But we all share this planet. You and your young readers will be fascinated by all the variety and richness that can be found everywhere around us, as revealed through this beautifully illustrated, moving invitation to visit and explore our world.

Ages 3-7. 72pp.