Author: William Joyce

Illustrator: William Joyce

The very first Guardian of Childhood was the Man in the Moon. But he needed allies. And this is the story of the second guardian, The Sandman, protector of children’s dreams. Once upon a time, the Sandman had a shooting star of his own. As he steered his star through the sky, he would listen to the wishes of those who saw him streak by, and -- by giving them dreams show them how their wishes could come true. However, there was also a great evil by the name of Pitch, King of the Nightmares. He wished to destroy all pleasant dreams and so he made it his duty to hunt down all shooting stars. The Sandman fought Pitch with all his might but couldn’t overcome the villain and plummeted to Earth where he crashed. There the Sandman slept and slept, until one day, the Man in the Moon called on him for help in fighting nightmares. But was the Sandman up to the task? He had failed once in defeating nightmares. Was he ready to vanquish them now? Your young children will love this wondrous tale, the second in The Guardians of Childhood series, as they discover the magnificent life of the Sandman, protector of dreams, who teaches how to defeat our nightmares.