Man In the Moon


Author: William Joyce

Illustrator: William Joyce

Have you ever wondered how the Man in the Moon got to be there? It’s a story that began long ago during the Golden Age a glorious time of hope and happiness and dreams that could come true. As a baby, MiM lived with his parents on a ship that could sail through space. At night the ship would rest, furling its sails so it appeared as a moon in the night sky, and MiM would have wonderful dreams. But Pitch, the King of Nightmares, was determined to give MiM nightmares and so attacked. Though MiM escaped, the battle left him an orphan on a moon hovering above Earth, no longer able to sail through space. As MiM grew up, he discovered the children of Earth and decided he would protect them from Pitch and his dark nightmares. But he couldnt do it alone. Recruiting some friends with special talents, he founded the Guardians of Childhood. And to this day, each and every night he watches us from up above a shining light in even the darkest of nights. Your young readers will be enchanted by this fantastic tale of the Man in the Moon as this creative story brings their own imaginations to life. The first book in William Joyces new Guardians of Childhood series. Ages 4-8. 56pp.