Creepy Carrots!


Author: Aaron Reynolds

Illustrator: Peter Brown



Also Available In:
Audio $13.99

Jasper Rabbit loves eating carrots. And none are better than the ones that grow in
Crackenhopper Field. There, the carrots are fat and crisp and free for the taking
perfect for a growing rabbit to munch on. Jasper snacks on the carrots before school,
after practice, as a late night treat... Then the carrots start following him! Jasper
sees them watching from over his shoulder. They sneak into his bathroom as he brushes
his teeth and hide in his room when he turns off the light. He begins to see the creepy
carrots everywhere!
But what can he do to escape? And then, he comes up with a plan Peter
Browns masterful illustrations capture just the right mix of creepy and humor.
Your young readers will be laughing out loud at Jaspers predicament, even as they root
for him to find a way to escape the creepy carrots. Ages 4-8. 40pp.