Old Enough to Make a Difference: Be inspired by real-life children building a more sustainable future


Author: Rebecca Hui

Illustrator: Anneli Bray

Meet 12 enterprising and inspiring kids from around the world who have started businesses to help people and the planet

Calling all social entrepreneurs! End the trend for fast fashion. Say no to single-use plastic. Provide food to those in need.

Be inspired by these real-life children building businesses for a more sustainable future:
-Maya from Georgia who is fighting fast fashion
-Lena from Germany who is working to end period poverty
-Reyhan from Azerbaijan who is promoting green energy
-Fabienne from the Netherlands who is reducing paper waste
-Chmba from Malawi who is supporting women and girls through arts and education
-Thomas from France who is protecting our oceans
-Aahan and Amal from the United Kingdom who are putting a stop to single-use straws
-Jiahua from China who is redistributing food destined for landfill
-Chaeli from South Africa who is campaigning for disability access
-Archie from Australia who is an ambassador of the Seabin Project
-Jefferson from Kenya who is growing food through sustainable farming
-Omid from Italy who is making healthcare more accessible
Their acts of social enterprise are bringing positive change. Learn about the work they do and discover how the future of our world starts here . . . with you.