A Case of the Zaps


Author: Alex Boniello and April Lavalle

Illustrator: James Kwan

A charming and heartfelt picture book from all-star creatives! A Case of the Zaps is a great way to start a conversation about anxiety and mental health with readers a few generations old, or fresh off the assembly line!

Meet 3.14159265358979323846264338327950...

... or Pi, for short. (From our Books of Wonder robot-computer to yours, Pi says hello!)
Pi's just like any other nonbinary kid robot: They love to listen to music, play with their dog, and hang out with their friends. And when their teacher announces a field trip to Olde Silicon Valley, Pi couldn't be more excited! They daydream of all the awesome things they want to see and do there –– but also begin to worry about all the things that could go wrong.

Then, on the way home, Pi feels a ZAP!

They try to avoid the strange feeling, but the Zaps keep happening. Pi doesn't understand. They have a firewall installed! What could be going on? 


A Case of the Zaps is authored by a dream team! This story credits ALEX BONIELLO. a Broadway star known for his work on Dear Evan Hansen, APRIL LAVALLE, a Teen Nick actor and writer, and JAMES KWANNew York Times featured illustrator!

The trio join forces for this remarkable illustrated work, which depicts anxiety as Pi's pernsnickety zaps. Their inclusive storytelling covers a spectrum of mental health dilemmas in a warm new way, from momentary worries to persistent anxiety and depression.

This picture book is a must-have for all family libraries –– offering fun schemes for lifelong wellness, and a whimsical narrative every young reader will adore for the joy of Pi's robot adventures!