Pa, Me, and Our Sidewalk Pantry


Author: Toni Buzzeo

Illustrator: Zara González Hoang

A kind and generous grandparent-grandchild duo nourish their neighborhood in this new picture book from critically acclaimed author Toni Buzzeo

Pa and his grandchild, Jelly Bean, have a sidewalk library filled with stories. Anyone can bring donations or take something to read. Jelly Bean loves the sidewalk library! But what about when their neighbors might need something more than books?
Together, Pa and Jelly Bean build a sidewalk pantry right next to the sidewalk library. They get donations from neighbors who have a lot to give, and leave the doors open for those who may not have enough.
This charming multigenerational story from award-winning author Toni Buzzeo and rising-star illustrator Zara González Hoang celebrates community, generosity, and creative problem solving.