The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve

Fowl Twins


Author: Eoin Colfer



Irish Twins Myles and Beckett, Artemis Fowl's younger brothers, return in their third and most bizarre adventure yet.

For almost two years, Lord Teddy Bleedham-Drye, the Duke of Scilly, has been plotting revenge against the Fowl Twins. Lord Bleedham-Drye plans to give them exactly what they deserve: permanent death.
After a confrontation between the twins and Teddy leads to a fatal crash, it seems like the Fowl twins are finally rid of their nemesis for good. But can they truly relax? Or is this just another Bleedham-Drye trick?

As the Kirkus review of this hilarious end to the Fowl twins series arc says, any yarn with the phrase “pinwheeling flatulence juggernaut” is a must-read, and not just for fans of Fowl language. The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve features ghosts, clones, and fairy magic in an ultimate and ridiculous showdown between the twins and their worst enemy.