Dawn of the Jaguar

Storm Runner


Author: J.C. Cervantes


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Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents the breathtaking finale to J. C. Cervantes's Maya-inspired Shadow Bruja duology, in which Ren makes a bargain for her life.

Shadow bruja Ren Santiago made her good friend Ah-Puch, the Maya god of death and destruction, promise to end her life before she was forced to live as queen of the evil Lords of Night. 

In order to get her life back, Ren negotiates with Ixtab, queen of Xibalba. Ixtab offers her ten days aboveground to retrieve the crown of jade and shadow. If Ren fails, she will return to the darkness for eternity.

How will Ren manage to accomplish everything without magic? The answer lies not in manipulating shadows or time, but in recognizing the awesome power that's always been inside her.