The Lords of Night

Storm Runner


Author: J.C. Cervantes


*Signed Bookplate*

Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents J. C. Cervantes's exciting new spin-off from the best-selling STORM RUNNER trilogy, featuring the shadow bruja Ren vs. Aztec gods.

Shadow bruja Ren Santiago, daughter of the Maya goddess of time, suspects that five rogue godborn kids are trying to awaken the dangerous Aztec Lords of Night. With none of her other friends available, Ren has to team up with a teen hybrid demon and an eleven-year-old hunter to stop them. But this is no ordinary challenge. It could well be an impossible one that leaves Ren questioning her very existence.

Anyone who enjoys fast-paced myth-based adventures will be swept up in this one featuring Maya and Mexica gods and their magical offspring.