Last True Poets of the Sea


Author: Julia Drake

The Larkin family is said to have luck ever since Violet’s great-great-great-grandmother swam ashore — sole survivor of a shipwreck — and founded the town of Lyric, Maine. Most days, Violet feels more like a shipwreck than a lucky survivor. Reeling from her younger brother’s attempted suicide, Violet returns to Lyric while he goes into treatment. Feeling adrift, Violet doesn’t know what to do with herself. So she sets out to find the impossible, to finally locate the shipwreck that brought her family to Lyric’s shores in the first place. Along the way she’ll meet a fellow wreck hunter named Liv who sparks something in Violet that she’s never felt before. Your teens will be moved as Violet dives through her family’s past, attempting to make sense of her present in this heartfelt story inspired by Twelfth Night.