Pigeon HAS to Go to School

The Pigeon Books


Author: Mo Willems

Illustrator: Mo Willems

It’s finally time for everyone’s favorite Pigeon to go to school. But what if he doesn’t like it? What if the teacher doesn’t like him? As Pigeon spirals into anxiety, he comes up with hilarious excuse after hilarious excuse as to why school just isn’t right for him. He already knows everything, and his head might pop off if he learns anything more.

He just isn’t a morning bird. There are too many letters in the alphabet to remember, and who needs math anyway? Will anything be able to change Pigeon’s mind? Your young readers will laugh out loud at all of Pigeon’s hijinks, even as they see that it’s normal to worry about the first day of school, but that there’s also a whole lot more to look forward to.